How to train your dog to Come, Sit, obey...

Do you want to control your loved dog or safe yourself from any dangerous situations? Train your dog to obey some basic commands. The basic commands that a dog needs to learn are: to come, sit, stay, lie down and no bedroom etc. As with any type of training start your dog slowly.

When teaching your pets you have to do it with a little patience, a little time and treats for your dog likes. To train up your pet perfectly as like as you want within a few days, please consider at least half hour every day. Cannot long training sessions and try to make it as much fun for your dog as you can.

Keep warmth your dog house from cold in winter

If you live in a colder climate, or in temperate zone, you may be concerned that your dog is exposed to the elements. You may be concerned that your dog is not sleeping well or feel uncomfortable because of the cold. Especially if your dog is older, the cold may bad effect on loved pet. By this time it is important to keep your dog house very warm for your dog's health. However, you may take several ways to keep your dog home warm.

Make sure that the dog house is protected from the wind. Choose such a location for the dog house to prevent from cold wind. On other hand, you can make a ligament with a carpet all around the dog house.

How to build a simple beautiful dog house

The dog is the best friend and faithful pet. For that reason man loves dog.  If you have a dog you should do something for it.  If you really love your dog please make sure that your pet is safe, comfortable and happy. So at first you need a suitable house for it. Dogs really want that simple houses made of wood and plastic. They have a natural insulation all over the body, but appreciate the dry in rainy weather, an area shaded on hot days. You can easily create a simple dog house for your dogs in a few hours, using only simple and inexpensive materials. There are many different styles dog houses available, but if you have more than one pet it is important to build the right one