How to train your dog to Come, Sit, obey...

Do you want to control your loved dog or safe yourself from any dangerous situations? Train your dog to obey some basic commands. The basic commands that a dog needs to learn are: to come, sit, stay, lie down and no bedroom etc. As with any type of training start your dog slowly.

When teaching your pets you have to do it with a little patience, a little time and treats for your dog likes. To train up your pet perfectly as like as you want within a few days, please consider at least half hour every day. Cannot long training sessions and try to make it as much fun for your dog as you can.
At first train your dog “to come” when you called, then you can take more control over the behavior of your dog. When teaching him to come and then gradually increase your expectations.
Choose a nice name for your pet like “Jami”.  Start to call the dog by its name followed by the simple command of "come" (Example: "Jami comes."). 

You’ll need to start working with your dog in a place quiet environment. Start at the inside of the house with you and your dog in the same room then in another room. When your dog calm and relaxation, step a few foot away from your dog then call it towards you. Do not move far. Move just enough that your dog is likely to follow you when you get his attention. Use a command such as 'come here' and reward your dog with a treat when it comes to you.  Try to praise and encourage your dog as it comes to you. When the dog exhibits a behavior as you want, don’t forget to say 'good'.

Then training your dog to sit, you need six feet and a few small dog treats. . Gently when you say to sit, the dogs did it rear. The dog sits, reward with a treat. Walk the dog a few feet away and repeat the command, pressing lightly on the rear, then reward. This should be done every day for about a week, until the dog knows and executes the command of training.

After learning the dog to sit, then learn it to stay. Using the lead, say your pet to sit. After the dog is sitting, inspire it with say good boy or girl. Putting off your hand such as crossing guards position, tell your dog to stay and gradually walk 4 foot back while holding the lead. Wait 2 minutes, and then walk back to the dog with praise and rewards. Repeat this step to walk gradually complete six feet and return. Continue this lead and command the dog to stay while you walk 30 feet away.

When your dog is sitting position then tell him lie down on the ground placing your hand down to sleep. This command is generally learned quickly and can be used with the stay command.

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