How to build a simple beautiful dog house

The dog is the best friend and faithful pet. For that reason man loves dog.  If you have a dog you should do something for it.  If you really love your dog please make sure that your pet is safe, comfortable and happy. So at first you need a suitable house for it. Dogs really want that simple houses made of wood and plastic. They have a natural insulation all over the body, but appreciate the dry in rainy weather, an area shaded on hot days. You can easily create a simple dog house for your dogs in a few hours, using only simple and inexpensive materials. There are many different styles dog houses available, but if you have more than one pet it is important to build the right one
for your individual pet. Follow these tips when building a house for your beloved pets.
House size: At first you have to decide what size of dog house you need. You should make a house according to your dog size. The standard size of a dog house is 1) Depth is your dog’s length + twelve inches, 2) Wight is your dog’s length + eighteen inches, and 3) Height is dog's height + three inches low side and nine inches high side.

Door size: The height of the door must be at least three quarters of the dog's shoulder to ground for the measurement. You don't have to be as bigger than the dog or greater that the large door. The dog will lower his head at the entrance of the house.

Here are some Dog house design:


You have to need:

Tools: Tape measure, Carpenter’s pencil, Framing hammer, Utility knife, Chalk line, Speed square, Circular saw, Jigsaw, Hacksaw, Staple gun, Socket wrench, Adjustable wrench.

Materials: 2-4 by 8 feet sheets and exterior 3/4 inch plywood; 8-7 inch angle clips; 2-inch hard foam insulation; drip edge 14 feet; tar paper; 1 bundle roofing shingles; 4 d galvanized nails; 12d galvanized nails; 3 and 11/2-inch outdoor screws; Aluminum Roofing nails; Prefabricated shelves;  light-colored Paint; carpet etc.

Decide what type of material you want to use. Usually, the wood is the best choice because it tends to breathe better and easier to cut to the right size. You can also use the plastic and vinyl on the floor or the aluminum frame. You can get aluminum really hot dog house. However, if you sleep in a cold climate, you need certain types of insulation. And need to isolate your dog with the same type House and the degree of insulation used in the houses of the people.

Decide what type of your dog at home. You also find serious kind design at online "dog house models''. Choose the one that you like best and create a chart in this style based on the measurements you need. To create a chart, select the style you want and what size you need - it will tell you the actions required for each item in your build.

After you select the right style, size, and the type of materials used, visit your local hardware store and buy supplies for your house. Once you have everything together, it's time to start the construction. Double check all your equipment before starting any architecture.

Using the saw, the rule and the design of the buildings to measure and cut the wood or other materials to the correct size. Start to fix the parts together according to the design. Start with the base house, then add in the back and sides. Cut and fasten the house. The portal should be almost the same size or slightly shorter than the height of your dog.

Attach the roof. We recommend that you use hinges at this stage until you can open the roof to own cage. This will help you maintain a house your dog. To attach your hinges, measure from the rear wall outside the House dog. Put your roof on top. At the back, drill holes in the hinge bolts. Screw the hinges where the ceiling opens up like high coming out of the box. This allows easy access to the dog house.

Add a balcony and Rails and embellishments to make your dog more colorful and more adapted to the personal pets. You can even add plates to the surface to add aesthetic appeal more isolation. With the help of roofing sheets home to reduce the size of your dog in the same way that would apply at home, but on a smaller scale.

Tips and warnings

Remember, nice dog house have costs a lot of money. It must only specially designed to meet your dog needs. To keep warm in winter, cool in summer and dry in bad weather.

Choose durable, non-toxic for your dog avoid the risk of infection. Add air vents at the top of the House and off the ground for best results.

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